Welcome to my interweb portal..  This site doesn't serve much of a purpose anymore,
except that my name is Gen and I really wanted to hold
onto this excellent URL..

The following links will take you to my two primary websites,
with real stuff to look at 
and hopefully fascinate or inspire you in some way...


Research, links and articles pertaining to consciousness,  mind/brain research, metaphysics, altered states, paranormal phenomena, and other
 related sciences.

This is my business site for
Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression
in Wellington, New Zealand.

If none of this sounds all that interesting to you, here is a pretty fractal picture I made
to distract you a little bit from the reason you originally came here and from any
subsequent feelings of disappointment or confusion you may be experiencing as a result...

Maybe you could imagine some fun circus music while you relax and look at it for a while...

Thanks for visiting!